Trial Lesson 試堂 1小時

Attend the Trial Private Class Online 私人上網試堂

  • 1 時
  • 300 Hong Kong dollars
  • Tang Lung


1. Incomplete form and form received without payment will be regarded as unsuccessful application. 所有未完成的申請表和未收到學費的申請會待所有資料齊集後才處理。 2. After receiving the complete form with payment, we will contact with the applicants through the phone and email about the confirmation of the class within 1 week. 本中心會收到所有文件後,一星期致電予學生通知有關上課日期。 3. All courses fees are non-transferable. No refund will be arranged for no-show or cancellation. 全部學費為不可轉讓. 如學生沒有通知下不上課或自行取消課堂,都不會有任何退款安排。 4. All class schedule of private class must be confirmed the day before the class. 所有私人課程的上課時間及日期必須在上課前一天確認. 5. Lesson will be automatically deducted and cannot be rearranged if students cannot attend or late and notice not 24hrs before the class 若學生在上課前不足24小時通知不能上課或遲到,該課堂會按平常扣除亦不會作另行安排. 6. For Private Class/Corporate, Lessons are to be taken within 1/9 months. 所有私人及企業課程都需於1或9 個月內完成. 7. Course fee does not include notes and text book. 所有課程費用不包括任何書本及補充課本. 8. Private Lesson or Corporate Lesson/ 私人及企業課程: Minimum duration out of centre/MK centre: 1.5 hr / section; Minimum duration in centre (CWB): 1 hr/section. 非本中心及旺角之中心之上課時間最少為每堂1.5 小時; 而本中心(銅鑼灣)之上課時間最少為每堂1 小時 9. For regular course, SLC reserves the right to cancel it if enrollment is insufficient and make alterations regarding instructors, class locations, class schedules and the content of courses if necessary. 如常規課程的報名人數不足,本中心有權取消該課程,並于有需要時更改任何原定課程之導師,上課時間,地點及內容。


  • 18 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong